Monday, March 12, 2012

Ceramic Pioneer Day Mugs

The ceramic project for third grade ties in with their pioneer studies. Building upon their ceramic skills, students learned how to construct a mug using slab-building techniques. Students attempted wedging to remove air bubbles and then rolled slabs. I pre-cut circular and rectangular templates for the students to use and cut pieces out of. To personalize mugs, third graders applied texture through many different ways including: stamping, drawing into clay, and rolling textured plastic into clay. Some students even chose to use their given pioneer name to distinguish their mugs. Using the score, slip, and welding technique, students shaped their slabs into a mug. No mug would be complete without a handle. Students chose to use one or two handles, and attached them by scoring, slipping, and welding. And the best part of these mugs? You can drink out of them!* Cheers!

*Disclaimer: Not dishwasher safe.