Friday, August 12, 2011

Eastern Point Lighthouse

It isn't time for school just yet, but I have an “art scher” that I am very excited about. This past Tuesday, I took a day trip to Gloucester, MA. Gloucester is a very charming east coast town, and it is also the home of the Eastern Point Lighthouse. Well, I discovered that the Eastern Point Lighthouse happens to have been where the artist Winslow Homer spent about a year of his life. Situated right on the breakwater in a secluded area of Gloucester, the Eastern Point Lighthouse was a place where the renowned artist found inspiration for many of his watercolor paintings. In second grade art we look at the life and artwork of Winslow Homer, so I am very pleased to have taken advantage of this experience. I can definitely see how Homer was inspired here. I even took a picture or two of some boats that captured my eye. Perhaps I will even paint some myself in the near future!